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Our Complementary Therapist Mary Jane Burns explains..

Metamorphic Technique

You remain fully clothed on a treatment couch. Metamorphic Technique is a light touch on your feet, hands & head making it suitable for all ages.

Letting tranquility replace stress & sooths your mind, body & soul. Especially effective when we are stressed out & pre-occupied by life, promoting inner peace and allowing solution to float to the surface. This makes it suitable for all health issues you might have. Particularly if you feel stuck at a "crossroads" in life and don't know which way to turn.

1 hour £40

Raindrop Technique Aromatherapy

Raindrop Technique brings about balance in the mental & physical body. It involves a gentle spinal massage using a set of pure organic oils. These herbal oils are non greasy to allow your body to absorb them fully. Therefor Raindrop Technique is especially helpful due to the nurturing nature of this technique my clients recommend it at times of upset &

*Chronic pain


*Back & spinal problems including injury


*Viral illnesses and infections


1 hour £40

Dissolve and Resolve Emotions (D.A.R.E)

What has happened to us in the past influences as well as what we have said & done the present & impacts on our future whether we can remember or are aware of it or not, after all we cant recall everything we have ever done. With D.A.R.E we can release the physical and emotional trauma from our past. This frees us to be our selves as our out dated patterns of behavior, old habits & pain melt away on a cellular level. There is no need to relive the past. D.A.R.E is especially useful for clearing repeat patterns including infections. This is a fully clothed & gentle treatment suitable for all ages including babies.

*Birth trauma



* Digestive issues

* Patterns & habits including addictions

* Childhood illness & conditions

2 hours £80

To find out more contact Mary-Jane Burns on 07749931255 & for booking or special offers.


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