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Our Homoeopath Lynne McIvor Explains..


Homeopathy is an increasingly popular alternative system of healing whose basic philosophy is to stimulate the innate healing power in each individual. Although it attracts sceptism within the medical profession, its success with many people has meant that it has continued to grow and develop over the past two hundred years since Hahnemann founded it's principles.

As well as stocking some single remedies and combinations which are useful for relieving acute symptoms, a qualified and registered homeopath is available at First Health every Thursday.

Call in to meet her or make an appointment for a consultation.

Tel/ txt 07843016218

The aim of a constitutional or deeper acting homeopathic medicine prescribed by a homeopath is to stimulate the process by which the body can heal , achieve balance and optimize health. These are best given on an individual basis to include the whole picture of that person - so the physical symptoms as well as the emotional and characteristics .

Homeopathy works effectively with people suffering from a wide variety of acute and chronic problems including:

allergies, asthma, eczema, hayfever

digestive problems, IBS, Crohns disease

womens health concerns -menstrual and menopausal difficulties,

recovery from surgery, arthritis,

anxiety, depression

Homeopathy will also helps to prevent future trouble by increasing the individual's vital strength and resistance to disease. It is non toxic so safe for any group when taken according to your homeopathic practioner.

see the Alliance of Registerd Homeopaths for more information:


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