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Our Reflexologist Debbie Pielou explains..

What Therapies are available?
Reflexology - Reflexology involves massage work on the feet along with working pressure points. The pressure points correspond with different areas within the body and a gentle detox is encouraged through the treatment.
Aromatherapy - Essential oils have been used in the health and beauty world. Good for all sorts of health issues and skincare.
Full Body MassageBack / Neck / Shoulder Massage, Indian Head Massage, Hopi Ear Candling, Meditation and energy work.
I offer sessions which combine different therapies together if this is what the client will benefit most from. For example a client may want reflexology followed by a back massage. Another option may be an aromatherapy back massage followed by ear candling etc.
Which Therapy is right for you?
Some of the many issues that can be and have been improved through the complementary therapies I offer would be stress, anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, eating disorders, IBS, dizziness, tinnitus, back pain, neck pain, bloating & fibromyalgia. Having had two years experience working specifically in the field of fertility challenge; I'm familiar with a lot of sensitive health issues associated with this area. Meditation can be a useful tool to use during a therapy session & this is something I can work with. People try out therapies for many different reasons - sometimes just to be pampered and why not!
I'm happy to say i am a member of the professional body Federation of Holistic Therapists - FHT
In 2011 I was lucky enough to experience taking part in a competition for full body aromatherapy massage with World Skills UK. I came first overall in Ireland and was placed fifth in the UK. Therapeutic massage and body work has continued to interest me and I fully believe in the benefits of this lovely treatment.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact me!
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